Friday, 23 January 2015

Dessert @ dal.komm COFFEE Malaysia

Hey hey!! So I'm here today to blog about a place I just visited not long ago (few hours ago actually), it's called dal.komm Coffee, and dal.komm is 달콤 in korean which also means sweet. The branch I went was the one located in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.
I have seen quite a number of reviews about this place and of course I was tempted to try out their signature Choco Lava Bingsu.

So after dinner with my boy in the mall, we decided to go hunt for dessert before we head back home.
It was actually outside of the mall, right next to the water fountain. You can get there through the door next to Magnum cafe located at ground floor.

A picture of the front counter where you can make your order.

And next of course some pictures of the interior, it was really spacious and comfy. 
I like how  they also provide devices like iPad, earphones for the customers who dine in.

Now a pic of le bobo making full use of the plug there HAHAH charged his Macbook.

Since it's located next to the water fountain you can actually see it from the inside of the cafe. 

Happy noob holding the bingsu we ordered.

There was only two of us, we ordered only one bingsu which was the signature Choco Lava Bingsu.

Looks super appetizing isn't it?? I can't wait to dig in once I saw the choco lava on top.
I really love choco lava!! 
But I tahan (hold myself back) first, cause I need to take leng leng pics before I start eating.

Oh my sweetie, that's vanilla ice-cream beside the choco lava. 
Best combination ok, I love having my choco lava this way!

JENG JENG JENG, view from bottom hohoho

The leftover which looked super gross and disgusting, my choco lava decided to commit suicide and sank itself into the sea of melted chocolate shaved ice. 

Now, my personal comments about this bingsu.
To be honest, yes I'm being very honest here just so people don't put too high expectation on it.
Nope, I'm not saying it wasn't good but the only exciting and worth eating was the top part (the chocolate lava was really good la for me)
The bingsu (shaved ice) at the bottom had already formed a big and hard ice cubes like, I was more to biting huge ice cube then having shaved ice. Potong stim la cause I expected it to be like super smooth and melt right away when I put into my mouth. Siens still have to bite ._.

Nevermind, at least the guy sitting in front makes me forget about the super-hard-to-bite ice cubes.

His first attempt in trying to take a decent pic of my side profile, not bad eh?

ok, now front. I put on light make up and set myself leng leng so must take!

And lastly, before I end this post as usual I will be presenting you my best selfie of the day!

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Till then, 
with lots of love! xoxo