Friday, 5 June 2015


Hihi guyssss *blows dust*
I'm finally back to this space to clear all the dust, just noticed that my last update was actually in January. Omgggg I can't accept this! But well I guess most of you people already forgot about this space he..he...he.... I was just really really busy with other things and I barely have time to sleep for these few weeks, rushing for final project so what to do right? Today I just feel the urge to come here again I don't know why.

First of all, happy one year to me and BUI (accidentally typed bui instead of bii in one of our conversation, have been calling each other "BUI" ever since then).
Our 1st anniversary was actually few days ago, 1st of June. We kinda planned everything one month beforehand for this dinner date so that we can push ourselves to finish up the work before going out. Thank goodness everything went well, nothing come clashing in HEHEH

Le boy brought me to Italiannies for dinner and it was actually our first time there cause we usually won't consider this kind of "so called kinda atas" restaurant and we would rather go for fast food or home cooked food. But since it was our anniversary so JUST EAT LA WHO CARES ABOUT PRICE, we just want a nice place to dine in with the right atmosphere for coupleeee ~

Yours truly, hair set make up check dress check! All leng leng ready to go.

Just need to do this, cause I loved my hair that night so much!
Thanks to Angoline for helping me to curl mei mei heheh

Guess who guess who? The BUI HENG!

Need act yi xia cause I rarely had the chance to ban leng leng and dress up.

Not bad hor his photography skill, I approved! But definitely need more lessons from me!

 Fruit smoothies, yellow color one was pineapple mango which I think it was kinda too sour for my liking. And the red one was my order watermelon honeydew, damn sweet damn nice!

My order, super big pan of roasted chicken. It was quite good actually tender and juicy. 
I actually dislike jalapeno alot but this is acceptable.

Chicken Lasagna, le bui liked this!

And super huge piece of Tiramisu, huge piece and not cheap also at least for me it wasn't. 
I think this contained alcohol? My throat turned abit hot after having this and me alone ate like 3/4 of this huge piece. 

Masterpiece by the Bui Heng, I looked so slim and tall here cheh wahh!
Bu cuo bu cuo give you a B+!

Top from ZALORA|Skirt from ZALORA|Heels from SUMMIT|Pandora bracelet

Thank you Bui for the night, looking forward to many more years with you!