Monday, 21 April 2014


终于, 一切得以抒发。

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Oh hello!

Ma blog is dying.. mehhhh
Am really busy with all the assignments at this moment, don't even have enough time for sleep.

ok la, not really HAHAHA I'm quite enjoying everything I'm doing right now.
Tiring but fun weyh! weeeee ~
Imma fight till the end of it, I will get through these zomg! =D

Thursday, 27 March 2014


So much things happening at once, I can't take it anymore.
I shouldn't have done things this way, I shouldn't have..

Some parts of me are getting out of control, I need to get them back in place again. 
I'm slowly losing myself, things gone wrong feelings gone wrong everything gone wrong.
Such a mess I'm in, for a moment I really wanna give up on these.
But I don't wanna be a coward anymore, just gonna face and deal with it like an adult.

Till then,
will be back to where I really belong...

I'm going home..

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Feeling 21

RED lips peopleeeee ~ yoohoo!
I'm going crazehhh, no one ever seen me in red lips HAHAHAH
ok I sot bye bye muahahaha

Anyway, is it normal to be in love with myself? my own face?
I LOVE ME LEH why so pretty wan?
Ok I allow you to slap me in this 5 seconds time *runs away*

I didn't mean to cheat on your feelings for viewing this post k ><
This is total pointless post, yesh you're allowed to skip.
Opps but I suppose you just scrolled finish. HAHAHAHAHA GOTCHA


To be hidden..





Monday, 10 March 2014

Face it


Oh hi my lovely space, have not really spent some quality time here for quite awhile already.
As you can see, it's 5am in the morning LOLOLOL
Ermm nope, not because I woke up early to do anything. The truth is, I have not sleep since 16 hours ago.
Have no idea why I'm all energetic still, the best thing/fact about me is I hardly get tired.
I sleep for only two hours but I can stay awake without any nap for one whole day, not walking dead but super hyper active.
Not sure if it's good though cause I can feel my liver complaining and dying HAHAHA
But whatever ~~~~ #YOLO ok ok ok?

Well you know I have been saying,

"Late night shower makes people wiser" 
- ChiewneeGT

I love shower especially during midnight or late night. Definitely not a good habit because it's very very unhealthy haha (I try to get rid of it ok)
How did I come up with this wiser thingy?
At night, when the things surround me have gone to rest and leaving me alone it actually makes a better space to have my own sweet time spending with myself.

It's good to sometimes listen to yourself, listen to what you actually have to say from the bottom of your heart without any distraction or interruption.
The moment I feel real close to myself, after putting down all the grudges and doubts and finally have a deep conversation with my heart, mind and soul.
Let the water run through every part of mine, bringing away all the negativity and unhappiness.

And then telling myself "Alright what's next? I'm all ready to go!". The way I used to motivate myself, to keep myself going on and on.
What's done is done, what's passed shall also be left in the past.

"It's gonna be a better one!"

I guess that's what makes me a happier person.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Sometimes letting go will be an easier choice,
feelings fade but memories shall remain..

The Stronger Soul