Friday, 21 February 2014

Lalala ~~~!

I miss blogging *sniffs everywhere* didn't really have time to blog eversince my new semester started, still trying to adapt to everything, that explains the long absence of a proper post here.
The previous few posts were more wordy and I'm so sorry if I make you bored, but right bored also you read kan? hahahahahaha miss me just say la don't shy? ;)

Despite the heavy work load given in these two weeks, we 敢死隊 still can go play hahahah
Aiyo work hard also must play hard mah, and also because we wanted to try out the newly opened cafe in Sunway Pyramid - Caffe Bene
We headed to Capricciosa for dinner first.

Done with the endless selfie and photos hahah now let's move on to FOOD!!!
Orange juice which costed a bomb (not really but not worth at all), priced at RM7.90.
It's like those kind of packaging juice. mehhhh
 Aglio Olio (chicken), priced at RM25.90.
This was very nice, I likey!
 Ini Ah Ben mia Golden Spicy Chicken spaghetti!
 Ango's soup, very creamy and nice!
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, RM13.90 (personal size)

After dinner, we moved on to our main purpose there Caffe Bene!!!
I didn't try this out when I went Korea years ago and now it's in Malaysia, many of my friends told me the coffee is nice but I only tried out the gelato so far.
Take away a 2-scoops gelato because it was full house, we ended up standing beside the cafe to eat. 
I ordered strawberry flavor and espresso ones, both were nice! Smooth and creamy.

For those who don't know where exactly it is, it's right beside the H&M in Sunway Pyramid. 
I will definitely go back again to try the coffee! hehe xD

It was a really great night with my friends and the most fun part was actually in the car, while Sharon was driving us back home. Never had so much laugh for sometime already, glad to meet these great people here.
I guess that's all for my post as I needa continue my sketches haha
Ending my post with *coughs coughs* *as usual* PRETTY SELFIE OF THE DAY!!! *inserts dramatic soundtrack* LOLOLOL
Alright, do miss me! *winks*


  1. aish , 在城市的大学真好。不像我在这里吭树皮,吞树根....

  2. Thank you for letting us who don't know, the location :)