Wednesday, 19 February 2014

On Ma Way..

I'm feeling so happy of no reason these days I have no idea how this happened.
And of course it must be a good thing as I haven't felt this way for sometime already.

I was usually emotional and somehow I got depressed so easily. HAHAH yes I was once like that.
I tend to always hide my own feelings up and pretended I was happy and just laughed it off.
Definitely not healthy either way, mentally or physically. And I guess it explained how I got my pimple face? LOL
And I was left in this dark globe for about years till recently...

I started to learn how to "let go".
Yes let them go, all the unhappy things which were once stuffed in my mind choking me.
How I did that? ...
I started from being ignorant at first (not really a good step I suppose?), ignored whatever problems that flooding around and then I seek for something else for distraction.
So that was what coward me did -.-'''
It didn't help and it wouldn't help at all...

So I took baby steps by going through the problems one by one, analyzing and went through alot of thinking.
I could be right but I could be wrong as well. I tried my best to look at the both sides of everything.
Then I was drown in this sea of confusion again pftttttt
Ok la I always can't decide when it comes to two things at once.

Slowly I noticed most of the problems came from my own personality, the emotional me.
Because some of them didn't really exist but I tend to over thought and made my own life miserable.
And I finally decided to only do things that make me happy, to love myself more.
Surprisingly, this year really make my life much easier.
So much love I have received from people around me, family and friends.
With my own love and surrounded by love, I became happier now.

My time is pretty much occupied now (which explains the less updates here), with my own activities, gym, assignments and stuffs.
Yea, it's god damn busy and tiring (more to come later) but I enjoy every single moment through these.
I don't need any reason to smile and I just do, mood is getting better day by day. (although I still get emo at times but the feeling went off pretty fast).
I really like how I can be positive all the time towards things and how I have become stronger than before.
Maybe you'd thought that's what I tell myself to feel good.
But.. people around me told me the same, they saw how I grew stronger and more independent.

This is not the best out of me yet, but I think I'm already on my way.
On my way to a higher level to a better me hahah
To people who keep showering me with love and care, I will make you guys proud hehe

Jiayou to me!!!!! I know I can do this *motivated*


  1. I can totally feel you because I used more than 1 year to let it go last time!! But I appreciate God gives me a chance to grow and strive hard to be a better version of myself =) You should be very happy that you able to pick up yourself faster than me because you are on your way now! JIAYOU Chiew Nee <3


    1. thank you babe! I will jiayou haha u too alright ;) <333

  2. Keep it up! Stay optimistic and everything will be alright! You only live once :)

    1. haha sure I will! thank youuuu ~! =D